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Getting Ready for the Odyssey

How it Started: It has been a long and winding road to the 4th of December 2009.  The fact of preparing for such an odyssey across the terrain of Africa, at best takes courage, love of adventure and some 'I don't care attitude', and at worst insanity. Truth be told many prayer supplications.  It is just possible that I was going into oblivion. 

Well the idea was planted, the dream was nurtured and the harvest is real and begins with the first leg of the odyssey. 
Which Bike: I knew it was a bike odyssey, but which one? One which in event of a breakdown,  would not require me to fly a specialist with a laptop to fix it.  There were many good choices: BMW 650 GS, Kawasaki KLR 650 and Suzuki V-strom 650. It was like writing an exam with one goal in mind ― passing the exam. Now I read and reread almost endlessly. I visited almost every dealership  in the city, and fondled each of these bikes, and spoke anyone who cared to give information about each bike.
By July 2008, having save…