Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Johannesburg to Kampala Solo on Vstrom 650.

What Lay in Wait:
The story of my journey through eleven African countries.

First Things First: 
There are two kinds of dreamers: those who do nothing about it; and those who do something about it. John Robie of 702 Talk Show calls the first  daydreamers and the second adventurers  who live their dreams in real time.
The Dreamer and Scorpion in Mbala Zambia

The Beginning
"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil" (James Allen). We all have dreams. In themselves,  naught if they remain mere dreams. Nurtured they are the bedrock of growth, the flight to freedom, the buds of goals and sometimes the petals of 'happiness'.  To grow is to set goals and to pursue them to a logical conclusion. In this manner  I set out on my odyssey from Johannesburg to Kampala and back to Johannesburg. 

On Inspiration:
I don't know if I got the bug from somewhere. What I do know is that I am an adventurer. They have certain intrinsic persona that go the extra mile  'magis'. They have faith, they are importunate and risk is not a stranger to them.

On Adventure: 
Adventure means different things for different people.  For me, it has tended towards travelling. The last one in 2004 took me around South Africa: Johannesburg to Cape Agulhas; Cape Town to Port Nolloth; Mafikeng to Kruger Park in 67 days in my ten year old 323 Mazda. Bless that car dear Lord!

Now it is a journey on a dual-purpose bike, solo through many countries. Isn't that something to talk about?   Recall the "Long Way Down" by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman  nothing like that.  Just a lone rider adventuring.


On History and Planning: 
After the 2004 trip, I set my sight to the North.  The dream become true on the 4th Dec 2009.  Many things happened between 2004 and 2009.  Some of it is here: Wilddogs Adventure Riding!

Important: The story is told episodically.  Each episode tells an account of the whole. There are several episodes.  You enjoy reading.  You are blessed! 

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  1. Good Luck Mzee! May you have many wonderful experience along your epic adventure!

  2. Go well, be safe, and return to tell all.

  3. you know that you have to carry, among the many things you will need, a strong resolve. And of course many many battries for your camera. Rechargables won't quite cut it!

  4. After readin da blog i can't help sayin a life not worth experimentin with is not worth livin. If people have been able to travel the longest journey from head to heart, then who are you not to be able to bridge da short distance from Jozi to Kampala? Go for it bro!!!

  5. It's nearly time to go my man.
    Ride safe, enjoy every minute of your trip. There are many people in SA wishing they were with you.

    All the very best, and keep in touch.


  6. God speed on your travels.

    Ride safe and hope to follow your ride reports at the WD.

  7. Thank you all for posting kind words of encouragement. I know from the depth of my heart that everyone who reads this blog is a blessing; you have no idea how this makes me hopeful and even more determined to set off on this odyssey.

  8. Ned says enjoy your trip! mzee and ride as fast as lightning!

  9. Will be watching this with interest mate. All the best for your trip.

    Neil aka Bluebull2007

  10. Mzee its been a loooong time kweli,,,good luck on ur journey, hope to hear more stories wen u land safely in Johannesburg, plz stay blessed n focused!!haya siku njema!!

  11. Min days, good luck

    Hein aka Xwagga

  12. God speed Mzee!

    I'm already looking forward to your report

  13. IceCreamMAn said:

    Mzee, u carry all our dreams on your shoulders. Bon Voyage mon ami

  14. All the best Mzee - ride safe, enjoy the beautiful Creation around you that many so often take for granted!
    Our best wishes and thoughts go with you!

  15. Good luck and God speed. enjoy and be safe


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  17. Good luck , enjoy and God speed,

    Will keep track on the Blog and pretend to be there

  18. I saw you off, and I have no doubt that you have done about 600 km or more so far. God is with you for certain He Who inspired you with this dream! May His blessings and protection be upon you throughout. So how far now? Can't wait to read and see your stories of the journey progress. You are in my prayers! COURAGE

  19. Thanks everyone of your for the best wishes. There are times when I mention the names of all my friends especially on lonely stretches of the road. You all know I am with you somehow. I am sorry the posting has been slow but the trip is absolutely enjoyable. I couldn't have wished for anything else at this point. I keep the flame burning. Cheers. Keep reading.

    Fidele, Jennifer, Lauren, Badger, Icecream and all who prefer anonymity. Happy New Year 2010.

  20. Enjoying reading your blogs! Have fun and happy new year

  21. Hi This is from George, thank you for the information. I love biking and will be monitoring your progress on the blog and my wish to meet you when you come to Uganda Kampala

  22. Hi

    George, I came to Uganda and left. Sorry we were unable to meet.


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