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From Gaborone to Kazungula

With Love from Francis Town 

I set off at 4:00 am heading for Kazungula border from Gaborone. I was deeply grateful that the Jonathans had persuaded me to stay. I was feeling refreshed and ready to ride on forever. I started as is my custom with a prayer and dashed to shower — a cold one. I relished every drop of water as it rolled off my dark tan skin. It was possible this was my last decent bath for days to come. In addition, my late mother, bless her Lord, used to say do something when you can; you simply never know. As it were, during this trip bathing became a luxury; I was going to live rough.

The Ferry on The Great Zambezi River
My Sleeping Quarters  in Livingstone Zambia

As I cruised down the A3 Highway, I could not help thinking what a lucky man I was to have Jonathan for a friend. We had known each other for over ten years.  During my visit we spoke from our hearts like good ol friends do. We had prayed together in the morning and I had hugged them reluctantly, for parting is of…