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Northern Tanzania

Changing Brake Pads I had slept deep and sound with very few cares. Riding from Mitumba to Uvinza had been the toughest ride of my life. It tested my will, my physical endurance, my riding skills as well as Scorpion’s abilities as a machine of exceptional engineering. Yet, it was also the most adventurous and exhilarating. I was happy to be doing something close to my heart notwithstanding the perils involved. I refuse to live a boring life. I refuse to drift like a piece of wood downstream after a heavy down pour. I have never been a drifter. I have resolutely chosen the direction I have wanted my life to take at every turn. My secondary school history teacher use to say: “Every individual writes his own history and that is what the world reads”. This history emanates from the choices one makes be they good or bad choices. When I set out on this odyssey, the support from my friends, funs and family was a mélange of different emotions and attitudes. Charles my brother had categ…