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The Love Affair that Soured

--> --> Towards Rwanda In both Rwanda and Burundi, one drives on the right side of the road.  It took some getting used to this new way of driving especially at traffic circles.  As I drove towards Kigali, I kept thinking of my long association with the Rwandese people. It elated me.  Rwanda was a fascinating country:  its history, politics, culture as well as the beauty of its female species.  It was rumoured that Rwandese and Ethiopian women were the most stunning in the world.  But that aside, the Rwandese people unbeknown to me were involved in my life from my child days. 
Rwandese according to historical accounts shares the same ancestry with the Banyankole of Uganda.  In fact, as a child, I often thought of them as Banyankole.  In the Eastern part of Uganda, we thought they were the best cattle herders.  Being cattle keepers ourselves, it was a common practice to hire a mulalo (acronym for Rwandese) to herd our cattle.  They were mostly paid in kind at the end of the yea…