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Farewell To Rwanda

 The countryside of Rwanda Sunday was overcast and a gloomy day; it turned out to be utterly uneventful. I stayed in bed for a while, but later spent the morning washing my Firstgear riding gear to rid it of dirt, mug and odious odour. There was a problem though —water was a very scarce commodity in Kigali. It disconcerted me that the Great Lake Region, rich in water bodies and lying at the equator was plagued by incessant water problems: scarcity and pollution. In Kigali all of it had to be bought for my washing. By contrast, Johannesburg has no lakes, its water is imported from as far as Lesotho, yet in the seven years I have lived in Jozi, never have I experienced any water problems. The water is clean to the extent that we drink it from the taps; it never requires any boiling, filtering or treating. So one wonders what makes the Lake Region different. Why can’t the responsible authorities do the same? The quandary as I have always argued is management and all the attend…