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Into The Pearl of Africa

It was relieving to have reached halfway the journey.  I would take as much rest as possible but also tour Uganda.  It’s a beautiful country.  Being on the equator it has diverse flora and fauna from equatorial forests to arid desert like conditions of the north east.  Winston Churchill visiting the country (1908) called it the ‘pearl of Africa'. Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water body in the world is a beautiful spectacle to behold.  The Rwenzori mountain is one of the very few on the continent that has snow on its peak, the River Nile the second longest in the world passes through its territory.  Uganda has diverse cultures, diverse food varieties and has some of the most hospitable people on planet; it is simply a place one must visit in one’s life time.   Here I was enjoying all it beauty. Red Mark Showing Loose Bolts and Nuts I was exhausted from the many days of riding.  It had taken ten days and about 5100kms of tough riding.   All I wanted was ample rest.  Indeed…