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Memories of Arusha

I had covered the distance between Bungoma and Nairobi (350km) in about 5 hours.   I went to Hekima College where I met my host Fr. Leander Kabutta, SJ.  He was missioned as a financial administrator of the retirement home for old and infirmed Jesuits situated in a Suburb of Nairobi.  Fr. Kabutta and I were friends at a college of Philosophy in Zimbabwe, but we had known each other way back in 1995, so I was in good hands.  I met many old Jesuits I knew who were now retired.  Leander and I spent many hours reminiscing the old good days late into the night.  This late hour did not bother me since my itinerary for the day was as far as Arusha, a distance of 269.6 km only. Signpost designating Namanga border post ahead
The next day, which was the 4th of January, I departed soon after I had something to eat.  As it were, Nairobi is a huge metropolitan and a visitor can find rather overpowering.  In spite of this, I snaked my way through the early morning traffic to Mombasa Road (A109).  Tha…