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Thank you to Ma Tuliza, Enroute to Dar es Salaam

In Arusha, the area beyond Njiro Korona is dry and dusty especially during the dry season.  It looks wasted because the land was once cleared to provide forsisal plantations.  The prominent geographical feature of the landscape is Mount Meru, a product of a violent volcanic eruption in the past that also tore deep gorges in the terrain.  This unique beautiful landscape is where I spent four days with Ma Tuliza’s family at Njiro Korona.  On the 10th of January, with hugs and tears, I bid them farewell and headed for Dar es Salaam, a journey of approximately 651km.   Farewell to Ma Tuliza
Arusha-Moshi Highway is congested with traffic during the morning hours.  So I took it easy.  As I quickly covered the distance to Moshi, I had hoped to see Mount Kilimanjaro imposing majesty; unfortunately, it was cloudy so that the horizon was one dreary seamless skyline.  I stopped at Moshi to refuel and to lubricate the chain which by now had developed a ‘clinging’ sound.  I paid attention to the c…